Saturday, July 27, 2013

Embarking onto Singapore soil

Just in about 4 days I will hop on the plane and make my journey back home to Singapore. It has been about 2 years since I have last set foot upon the humid country with evolution happening constantly that seems to amaze me when I go back and see the changes and the new building pop up everywhere. No doubt the efficiency of the country is unwavering. One could not doubt their transportation of trains(MRT- mass rapid transportation). Upon almost every single stop there is a small shopping centre and food and drinks available. It's the country that doesn't sleep and continuous eating all night long should your body permit. I grew up originally in Penang, Malaysia but since mum is Singaporean and all my siblings were born in Singapore, I spent most of my childhood and schooling in Singapore. The food seems endless with 4 different cultures living united in one country. The Chinese, the Muslims, the Indians and the Caucasians. Each one of the cultures bring different food to the country and make it so tasty and makes me crave them so much when I'm away from home. I try hard to relive the food by getting recipes to cook them but there are some foods that I find hard to replicate maybe because the ingredients are hard to get... I can't wait to start my 2 hourly eating feast whilst in Singapore soon... I'll let you know what I have and what I love and miss so much.. Stay tuned...

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